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Northwood At A Glance

Northwood School by the numbers:

招生 190名学生   Average years of Experience  19
成绩 9-12/PG   Number of 校友 on the Faculty 8
Gender  Distribution 65% male,  35% female   % of Faculty with Advanced Degrees 50
Geographic Distribution 65% domestic,  35% International   Academic Support Available 是的
States Represented 21   Number of College Counselors 3
Countries Represented 24   Average Class Size 10
Student to Faculty ratio 5.5 to 1   Number of Co-Curricular Offerings 15
Number of Faculty 33   Number of 飞跃 Courses Offered 12


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迈克尔·马赫 校长
布拉德Olch Chair of the Board of Trustees  
特蕾莎修女布雷迪 Chief Financial Officer/Director of Human Resources
汤姆布罗德里克 Associate 校长
诺埃尔卡迈克尔 学院院长
吉姆·格兰特 Director of Marketing
开尔文马丁内斯 Dean of Multicultural Affairs & 招聘
基诺涟漪 Director of 入学s
大卫·麦考利 Director of College Counseling
约翰矛 分类. 校长 for Student Life
塔拉莱特 School Psychologist


Northwood School 入学